Professional Coaching Services

Professional coaching is YOU, creating accountability as a choice. As your coach, I support you by asking powerful questions to help you become more aware of your own strengths, and take greater responsibility for your decisions and actions.  




Executive coaching is a strategic partnership in which as your coach, I work with you empowering you in clarifying your goals, assist you in creating action plans, help you move past obstacles, and achieve what you choose. I serve you with a focus on possibilities and follow-through.





Business leadership coaching is a strategic partnership wherein as your coach, I work with you to explore opportunities, define priorities, create a strategy, clarify objectives, develop action plans, move past challenges, and progress toward outcomes you choose. I serve you with a focus on priorities and as your accountability partner. 




Relationship coaching involves me challenging you and supporting you as create clarity on what you want in your relationship, motivation and confidence to be your own authentic self in the relationship, create a deeper understanding of the challenging that are getting in your way, and co-creating a plan to sustain a positive, loving relationship.  


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