Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Information

Collaborative Thinking LLC has developed a comprehensive strategy for using MBTI assessments and workshops to enhance the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations. 


MBTI® Administration Directions


The MBTI® tool is a well-known and thoroughly researched training and development tool.  Your answers to the items on the MBTI® tool will help show you how you like to look at things and how you like to go about deciding things.  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  Knowing your own preferences and learning about other people’s can help you understand what your preferences are, what kind of work you might enjoy, and how people with different preferences can relate to one another. 


When answering the items on the MBTI® tool, try to answer what you prefer while removing any expectations you might face from work, family, and friends.  Also, try not to think too much about each item.  Instead, answer what first comes to you.  If you cannot decide on an answer, you may skip one to two items. 


Once you have completed the MBTI® tool, I will contact you to schedule a follow up session. Of course, anything you and I discuss around the use of the MBTI® tool will be completely confidential.


Taking the MBTI® tool is voluntary.  Again, anything you and I discuss around the MBTI® tool will be kept confidential by me.  You, of course, can share this information with anyone you choose.   If you would like to take an assessment, please contact me for user name and password to my MBTI website.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

MBTI and Leadership

As leaders seek to engage and inspire others to accomplish his or her organization's objectives, they rely on a braod spectrum of abilities: making good decisions, communicating a clear vision, building effective relationships, and making full use of each person's abiities. The MBTI assessment helps leaders identify and develop his or her capacities.  


Workshops can be conducted around MBTI assessment in leader deveopment, leader communications, and leader problem solving. 

MBTI and Conflict Management

MBTI instrument can be used as a spotlight to help you see and understand more clearly what is really involved in a conflict situation.  By incorproating awareness of how people tend to represent themselves in a conflict, you can better strtegize how to approach conflict, communicate when in conflict with others, and resolve conflict situations. 

MBTI and Teams

The MBTI is a tool to help you understand your type and the relationship of your preferences to the way you and other team members interact.  It specifically aids team members in fostering openness and trust and identifying team assets and blind spots.

MBTI and In the Grip

In the Grip is about the out-of-character selves we all experience from time to time, particularly in response to stress and fatigue.  Knowing that these grip experiences are healthy and adaptive enables us to see them as temporary episodes from which we can benefit.  In the Grip introduces you to a valuable and enlightening way to understand a usually hidden part of your personality that emerges during stress and fatigue. 


With a better understanding of this personality "inferior" function you can identify when it is likely to erupt and what is most likely to trigger it.