Employment Strategies That Work.

April 2018 Update:


As I begin to focus my business on professional coaching and Myers-Briggs assessments and workshops, I am very excited to announce I have a strategic partner: 

Mack Munro, CEO Boss Builders


For more info on my professional coaching and Myers-Briggs assessments and workshops, please visit: 


Mission: Provide human resource partnership to individuals and small businesses in equipping people, promoting growth, and building talent.


Vision: To be leading human resources partner providing personal, leadership, and team development through assessments and coaching. 


Values: Collaboration, Integrity, Service, Quality


People Development

Increase self-awareness for improved performance

Improve employee engagement

Develop creative, innovative leaders


Team Development

Create collaborative and effective teams

Manage conflict and relationships

Improve problem solving/decision making


Organizational Development

Cultivate an effective workforce

Improve employee retention

Increase ability to manage change